Amina Yakaka Babakura 
My name is Dr. Amina Yakaka Babakura also known as “Little Dr” by family and “Mintus” by friends. I’m a Nigerian from Borno State precisely but I currently reside in Canada. As far as education goes, I started Primary school at Maiduguri where I attended Maiduguri Capital School, proceeded to Lagos where I got my secondary school education. After secondary school, I got an admission to University of Maiduguri to study MBBS. Although, I didn’t complete my studies in Maiduguri, I transferred to Canada’s All Saints University School of Medicine to complete my studies. Prior to that, I obtained a diploma in Microbiology and Immunology then a minor in Psychology from Dalhousie University, which is also in Canada.
My company is Meentus Handmade Cosmetics (MHCosmetics) and it is owned by one person. I am the CEO/Founder of MHCosmetics. As far as experience goes, it’s been an amazing journey so far meeting amazing people from all over who have become my friends and family. However, in every business there are setbacks or challenges and my journey is no exception. 
MHCOSMETICS is devoted to making natural and organic products that helps to heal damaged skin and hair, also protecting it against the effect of day-to-day stresses from our environment. Here at MHCosmetics we formulate our products with two things in mind- safety and efficacy

With regards to MHCosmetics products, most of our products are quite affordable; it is value for money as most people come back for it. The current economic state of the country makes it hard especially for our Nigerian Clients. The second challenge we’re facing which will soon be history is shipping our products to our clients. Shipping is ridiculously expensive, but Thank God it’s been solved, as most of our products will be available on or before Christmas at the SHOP365 in Abuja.
MHcosmetics is growing daily, take for example, looking at the total number of shipments this year from the first and second quarter of 2015 about 67% of our total shipments go to Nigeria. Although, I know there is certainly room for more improvement. But for now, I am very much satisfied with this progress especially for a company that has never used any special method of advertising other than Instagram and it is barely 2 years.

My advice to any young upcoming entrepreneurs like me is to believe in yourself as that is the first step to success. Be focused, determined, be very prayerful and a lot of patience would go a long way. Learn to humble yourself as well. Medicine taught me to be humble as one can never know it all. Always remember that behind every success story, there’s a lot of unsuccessful years. It’s never going to be easy but trust me its going to be worth it in the end. 
We will be stocking up at SHOP365 Abuja.


Instagram: @meentus_handmade_cosmetics 

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