Tell us briefly about your self?

My full name is Juwairiyah Muhammad, I am 21 years old I was born in Jos, plateau. Moved to Abuja when I was 3 in 1997. I started and completed my primary school education at sunrise int’l school, Abuja and then I got my secondary school diploma from pace setters college, Abuja. I’m doing a degree program at Baze University, studying sociology.

What business you are into and how you learn the business?
I own a clothing line 
El-armario is the name of my clothing line. Fashion to me though is mostly an experience of art and its part of my life and happiness, I   love fashion because it’s dynamic, I mean it never stays the same; it changes as time goes on. A lot of people say fashion is the way to express yourself, but I do not see it that way, to me it’s a way to subtly signal where you fit in, what’s on your mind. Brand name is el armario, it’s a Spanish word which means the wardrobe. Fashion means everything to me, it touches our life on daily basis, from picking our school or work clothes to what we sleep in. I do anything apparel, be it wedding, evening, dinner, bespoke etc.
My brand is indulgent, elegant and cool.

When you started and why?
I started my clothing line in 2013 after I graduated high school; I felt it was the right time to start because I was mature enough to handle such.
I started designing and sketching my clothes since 2007. Whenever my mum was giving our clothes to the tailor she always waits for me to come home and give the tailor what i wanted, i never let her or the tailor decide. I started my clothing line 2013. I love working with lacy fabrics with big patterns, because it’s soft and has a unique design. I normally select a fabric then sketch what goes with it. How it will fall and fit sometimes when I’m having a creativity block and my friend who helps me a lot Salima has no idea I just let the fabric lead me on. 

What motivated you?
I’ve always had love for fashion and art and the fact that my friends and family always call me to sketch and help them pick outfits motivated me more 
How much was your starting capital?
I started with little amount, hundred thousand, and trust me my gain is hundred times more.
How do you attract your customers? 
Its all about service, you must first try to be helpful when building relationships with clients, be a good listener and making sure you trust your resources before selling it. How you serve and solve their problems
Are you currently employing anyone at the moment?
Yes, i have 5 tailors and a driver.
What advice do you have many youths looking for jobs and what advice you can give someone starting an independent business in your field?
Always recognize the importance of product development, be clear about your unique brand proposition, and support it with a marketing and communications plan, understand the importance of cash flow, funding and financing, set up business goals, know what you want to do,
There’s no shortage to creativity talent but yet every designer manages to turn his or her passion into a good business,

Best lessons you have learnt along the way?
Regret hurts far worse than fear. Life is too unpredictable for rigid expectations, nobody in this world is going to blindside you and hit you as hard as life will.  Sometimes life will beat you to the ground and try to keep you there if you let it.so always be yourself and work hard.
Who, what inspired you to become a designer who your role model is?
I have, for as long as I can remember, always wanted to be a designer I really love seeing people look good. My father always gets me fashion magazines to get new ideas.my role model is Zuhair Murad a Lebanese fashion designer. I love every piece of his work  

What makes it different?
The wardrobe will have the distinct traits of being beautiful yet classic and elegant. I always help to create illusions. My inspiration comes from zuhair murad, Elie Saab sometimes from animations like Cinderella, Anastasia etcetera.
What book, website or resource has helped you in growing your business? 
The black book of style, the glass of fashion, fashion is Spanish and the secrets is one of the best books I’ve ever come across it teaches you about life and how to appreciate people 

Is your business registered ventured and if yes how easy/stressful was it to register /how long did it take for you to register?
Yes its registered, it was quite easy for me and stressful, because few of the names I wanted where taken by other people so I had to keep searching for a name only me can use, apart from that it was okay.
Instagram: @el_armario


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