Yakubu Bilal Mohammed Yazeed (CEO)

My name is Yakubu Bilal Mohammed Yazeed, kogi is my state of origin, I am 19 years old born August 28th 1996  but I assure you ,I am not like your everyday 19 year old boy.

I attended Premier International School Abuja for my primary degree, if I may call it that lol, then my secondary school, wow! I was mummy’s boy so I kept on changing schools, I started at Nigerian Turkish International College, my dad removed me because I was an “olodo” I loved playing didn’t really care about school, from Turkish I went to Ladela Secondary School, then I kept on hearing gist about Funtaj International School how the boys and girls were chilled and people were having fun, then I got my parents to transfer me, by then I was in SS1, omo I didn’t know that the people that gave me gist, left the horrible part, I was bullied What!, I left there after a semester and graduated at Ladela Secondary School.

I obtained an L.L.B at Baze university Abuja started there and finished there but I really wanted to study abroad ,but am happy I stayed here because it made me understand a lot of things and it has forged me into the person I am today, I have been an Abuja boy since day one, currently waiting on law school ,Medals? Trust now I decided to buckle up after my failures in my early stages of secondary school I received an award for been the best in Government and also an award for been the best Graduating Social Science student in my class at the same time, made mama and papa proud, then university you know how it is now the “yaz media ” movement started kicking in properly then boys didn’t really have time for academic medals it was more about the social life so I was Mr Vouge Baze University 2013/2014, and I received The Most Popular law student award in my final semester, don’t judge me I was the life of the party, I mean literally, talent? I cannot say exactly but I like to look at myself as a creative person.

The name of my organization is Yaz Media ltd, and I am the C.E.O and founder, it is a limited liability company could also be seen as a cooperation, Yaz Media started in secondary school in about 2011 with a small Samsung camera my mother bought me as a birthday gift, but was incorporated in May 2015, It started of as a photography body, before turning into the storytelling body it is today, at Yaz Media we believe there is a story behind you and I and everything around us, so we tell that that hence our motto “let’s tell a story”, Storytelling allows us to be dynamic with no restrictions , Yaz Media could be doing this today then doing that tomorrow because there is always a story to tell . We’ve been through challenges ups and down, failures and disappointments but what do we do? , We get back up and keep pushing, and then I always tell myself I am a man, born of a woman and raised by a man,  you see me but can you see through me, you feel me but can you heal me
let it be known of what I have become, I am the storyteller.

These words allow me to know who I am and always remind me of what I want and they have guided my brand Yaz Media into the multi million body it is today, from ALLWHITEEVERYTHING (Veni Vidi Vici) to MISS BAZE X BAZE FASHION SHOW 2015 to the Governmental contract awarded to us by the Ministry of finance to handle the Graduate Internship Scheme programme in Enugu, I feel we have succeeded to an extent. But man is greedy so I am not satisfied and I feel we have done nothing yet, we would push till the whole world hears about us and everyone knows who we are and what we stand for. If it took Dangote 30years then, where am I rushing to, and if you feel we have done nothing yet or you think been on the grind is easy, please come and try let me be your guest.
 To my fellow young and upcoming entrepreneurs I only have four words for you hard work, Dedication, Consistency and God.

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Twitter – @yaz_media

Story By – Amir Ladan-Baki (Editor)
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